Natalie Hopkins

Natalie has been a lawyer with Everyman Legal for 8 years. She has gained varied experience of corporate, commercial and property work, including management buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions and property development work. Natalie enjoys helping owner managers who are grappling with the leadership and succession planning challenges of their businesses and, having been a director of Everyman Legal for over three years, she has hands on experience of what it takes to try and grow a business.

Natalie was brought up in the Cotswolds and attended Keele University where she took an LLB (Hons). She then studied part time for the Legal Practice Course at The University of Law in Birmingham (in which she received a distinction) before completing her training contract with Everyman Legal. Natalie enjoys supporting local businesses and the local community in ways that go beyond her client work. Natalie has been a part of the Witney Business Breakfast team for nearly 5 years, takes part in numerous local fundraising initiatives (e.g. the Twin Town Challenge) and has recently joined the team that organises the West Oxfordshire Business Awards.

Natalie enjoys ballet (dancing as well as watching!), the theatre and travel and whilst a student spent 5 months in South Africa, studying at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and volunteering in an AIDS orphanage.

60 Seconds Q&A with Natalie

Why did you decide to work in the law?  For lots of small reasons that now seem completely insignificant and date back to School. I think the real question is why have I continued to work in the law. There are lots of exciting stages in a person’s lifetime and lots of issues that could affect someone which require not only great legal support but also an adviser who genuinely cares and wants to help. I know that might sound a little ‘wishy washy’, and it is very easy for someone to say, but in times of great stress or great excitement people need a lawyer who can be grounded and think about the big picture on their behalf. Sometimes people just need someone to tell them “it’s okay to say no to that” or “have you thought about this as an alternative?”. Working in the law is about helping each client make the decision that is right for them and you can only really do that, I think, when you have taken the time to understand your client and all of their circumstances well. You have to care about and empathise with your client in order to be able to deliver great legal advice, really get to know the people involved, and that’s what I really enjoy about working in the law. That it’s all about the people.

How do you take your coffee?

Strong and often!

Barbecue and a beer or fancy restaurant and a glass of bubbly? Preferably both! A fancy dinner and fizz with friends on a Friday night is the perfect opportunity for a catch up. And then a Saturday or Sunday afternoon barbecue and beer with the family for a bit of rest and relaxation.

What is your own personal challenge outside work?

Currently, I’m working towards my French GCSE. I think French is a beautiful language and I’m enjoying being a student again!

3 things your friends would say about you? 

I asked my closest friends this as I wouldn’t want to give a false impression and I’ve had a whole host of answers:

  • you have a passion for life so you’re always ready to do something new or take on a challenge;
  • a pro-active person who is motivated to succeed both personally and professionally;
  • a natural talent for organising, whether that’s a small dinner party for friends or a big charity event which takes months of organising. Although that was caveated with “the fact you have to delegate otherwise you feel like you’re not in control” and “if it’s not in your diary it’s not happening” … which I think means bossy and not very spontaneous … !


West Oxfordshire Business Awards

Witney Business Breakfast

The Careers and Enterprise Company

Member of The Law Society