Starting a Business

Got a great business idea but worried about how to get your new company off the ground?

Got a great business idea but worried about how to get your new company off the ground?

Every great company starts with a man or woman with an idea. Having a product or service or a technology platform that works and is scalable is your first and core challenge. You must also understand the markets into which you are to sell, and you must be aware of the cost of production, likely sales, and the cash flow cycle of your business. Quality control systems and processes, as well as sales pipelines will also be vital.

In order to do this, you may need a team of not just employees, but also consultants and suppliers who share your vision and your values.

A Legal Framework

Around your idea and the people who believe in it will be a legal framework. Starting a business or new venture is both exciting and daunting. The legal complexities can be bewildering to those going into business for the first time. Start up and early stage companies need advisers who are practical and pro-active, and who will ensure that you focus your limited legal budget on the essentials.

The legal framework needs to be designed by a legal team who understand your vision and can work with you to plan and prioritise the creation of the key legal agreements and arrangements that will protect and preserve your idea and the enterprise it has the potential to become.

Our dedicated team of solicitors, based in Witney, Oxfordshire, would be happy to answer your questions.

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The Everyman Legal team has unrivalled experience in the following areas in order to help you when starting a business, or to take your early stage company further:

  • Intellectual Property and introductions to Patent and Trade Mark agents if appropriate;
  • Advice on your Commercial Contracts, including customer and supply contracts, distribution and agency agreements;
  • Advice on raising investment, including business angel financing and private equity funding;
  • How best to structure any financing when starting a business; and

I have worked alongside and referred Everyman Legal on a number of start-up projects. They are extremely competent and easy to work with.