Whilst you may well be tired of hearing about GDPR there is no getting away from it! A lot has changed since the day that the Data Protection Act 1998 came into force and no doubt GDPR is having a big impact on the way that you and your business handle personal data.

Many people think there are no real changes but one thing is for sure – the fines are certainly something you will want to avoid! Now is the time to take the opportunity to make sure your business is compliant.

Transparency is central to the new regulations and no doubt your customers, suppliers and prospects will thank you for it. But where to start?

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We’ve cut through the masses of information and guidance out there, read all 173 recitals and 99 articles that make up the GDPR, and studied the Data Protection Act 2018 so that we can help your business with practical steps and legal policies to ensure you aren’t caught out.

As the UK’s Information Commissioner says, “It’s still an evolution, not a revolution”.

Well the good news is that, legally, marketing in accordance with the GDPR is actually quite simple!

GDPR and Marketing

I just wanted to write to say a proper thank you for all your support over the last month or so. What a huge relief to have it done, and I don’t know how we would have done it without you – we simply couldn’t have. So a really big thank you to you all for your expertise, patience and persistence.