Start-Up Business

Starting your new business can be both exciting and daunting. Being a young business ourselves, we love to help those like you who have taken the plunge or are about to. We are here to guide you through the legal complexities. Our team have advised many start-ups in a whole range of industries and markets and can help you stay focused on key legal and commercial issues. We can guide you on how to prioritise your legal spend making sure the things that really matter are covered giving you and your business the protection you need.

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Employee Share Schemes

Awarding share options can provide an opportunity to define and articulate business goals, secure employee buy-in and reward employees for success

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Shareholders’ Agreement

A Shareholders’ Agreement is an agreement made between shareholders of a private company and may be required when a third party wishes to invest

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Starting a Business

Starting a business or new venture is both exciting and daunting. The legal complexities can be bewildering to those going into business for the first time

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Debt & Secured Lending

As you set up and grow your company, it is likely that you will need to consider taking a loan

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Legal Structures for Business

When setting up your business, there are a number of legal structures that could be considered

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Whilst you may well be tired of hearing about GDPR there is no getting away from it! A lot has changed since the day that the...

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Articles of Association

Well prepared Articles of Association can play a very important role in dictating how your company operates and giving you the protection you need

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Commercial Contracts

Whether you are looking at agency and distribution agreements, or sale/supply of goods and services terms of business, you should consider a number of key issues

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Raising Investment

In order to grow your company, you may require external finance or investment. So what are the alternatives?

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Employment Law Services

Everyman Legal has particular expertise on the full range of employment law issues offering advice from both the perspective of employers and employees.

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Taking a Commercial Lease

Are you considering moving into leased premises for your business? What do you need to know about taking a new commercial lease?

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