Maturing Business

As your business matures you will need to think about how best to lock in your key team members as you think about your retirement planning. A well-designed share incentive that aligns your and their interests may be very important.

You may benefit from a legal audit so that you can “take stock” of all your legal affairs. A restructuring may need to be thought through and pre-sale tax planning undertaken ahead of a business sale.
Perhaps external capital such as private equity can help you grow your business to the next level or you may want to consider overseas expansion.

Our team has considerable experience in helping business owners plan for and deliver their personal and company plans.

Are you a maturing business looking for legal advice?

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Employee Share Schemes

Awarding share options can provide an opportunity to define and articulate business goals, secure employee buy-in and reward employees for success

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Management Buy-Out

Thinking of selling your company to your management team but unsure where to start? The key challenge with the MBO is often effective project management

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Business Transfer to Family

Highly successful businesses may be family-owned and pass from one generation to the next growing in size and profitability as they do

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Succession Planning

It’s never too early to think about your succession plan: are you going to exit by selling your business or will you move on in some...

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Selling your Business

You will only sell your business once so planning an effective sale will be critically important in order to ensure financial security for you and your...

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Closing your Business

If you are looking to close your business, it is important to take professional advice as there may be legal, financial and tax implications in doing...

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Ending Your Lease

Have you considered what the legal position is when your commercial lease ends? Do you want to end your commercial lease early?

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Articles of Association

Well prepared Articles of Association can play a very important role in dictating how your company operates and giving you the protection you need

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Commercial Contracts

Whether you are looking at agency and distribution agreements, or sale/supply of goods and services terms of business, you should consider a number of key issues

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Raising Investment

In order to grow your company, you may require external finance or investment. So what are the alternatives?

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Employment Law Services

Everyman Legal has particular expertise on the full range of employment law issues offering advice from both the perspective of employers and employees.

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