Everyman Legal has extensive experience of handling legal disputes covering a wide range of issues.  While many such matters do end up in Court, many do not, either through skillful negotiation, or formal mediation.

Professional Negligence

Where poor service has been received from professional advisers which results in financial or other loss.  Recent cases we have dealt with have involved solicitors and surveyors, but could also include accountants, structural engineers etc.  (Medical negligence is excluded)

Debt Recovery

Prompt and pro-active pursuit of unpaid invoices.  Often, the threat alone of legal action can achieve the required result.  If not, we will advise you as to the most cost-effective and speedy methods of recovery.

Property disputes

Relating to boundaries, rights of way and acts of nuisance.  Some particular cases of which we have experience in have included the correct positioning of boundary features; obtaining or enforcing a right of way over a neighbouring property, or obliging a neighbour to respect rights of privacy and ‘quiet enjoyment’.

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Contractual Disputes

Such as non-compliance with contractual terms and disputes over the enforceability or wording of contractual clauses.  Such disputes can be as varied as there are many types of business and the wording of contracts.  Examples of some of our recent cases include dealing with a dispute involving a recruitment consultancy seeking to recover fees for placing candidates, and an engineering company dealing with arguments over the extent of their liability due to alleged product failures.

Probate disputes

In respect of inheritance or the enforceability of a will.  These are increasingly common, as many people choose to complete ‘DIY’ wills which frequently result in disputes over their validity, their intent or the ability of the deceased to understand what was taking place when the will was completed.

We will give you pragmatic, practical advice about the most cost-effective method of resolving such issues and will not simply attempt to ‘railroad’ you into court proceedings, which should, if at all possible, be a last resort.

The team at Everyman Legal were excellent. They always had time for me when I needed to discuss something and given the stressful nature of the situation, this was worth a lot.