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What to expect when it comes to selling your business

You’ll only sell your business once so inevitably when the time comes you may well be unsure as to the process involved. Getting your business ready for a sale can be a challenge in itself. If you’re ready to sell and have received an offer from a prospective buyer then you’re in a great position, […]

I’m buying a new build property – what do I need to consider?

In 2018, approximately 164,000 new build homes were sold, around 75% of which were houses and 25% of which were flats. With schemes such as the Government Help to Buy Equity Loan available new build homes have become a popular choice for first time buyers and people moving house. But the legal process of buying […]

Selling your business: three common myths

So the time has come when you are giving serious consideration to selling your business.  For many business owners such a sale will first and foremost be an emotional challenge.  There will also likely be significant commercial and legal issues and often tax consideration with which to grapple. With all that potential complexity it is […]

WOBA winners and Succession Planning workshops …

And the WOBA 2019 winners are … Everyman Legal were delighted to attend a very glamorous evening at Heythrop Park Resort, to see the WOBA 2019 winners announced … and to present the WOBA 2019 award for the Charity of the Year! We were very proud sponsors of this award and were delighted to announce […]

Top 10 tips to prepare your business for sale

You only get to sell your business once and getting the right price at the right time can be a significant challenge if you are not well prepared. Not only that, but the process itself can be a major distraction which could have a detrimental impact on your business. Staying one step ahead and making […]

My business is suffering a downturn – can my landlord evict me?

The short answer to this question is “no”.  The slightly longer answer is “not so long as you continue to comply with the terms of your lease”. A lease is a contractual arrangement whereby the legal owner of an asset permits someone else to use an asset such as property, buildings and vehicles in return […]