Interested in joining a very different law firm?

Interested in joining a very different law firm?

If you’ve clicked on our careers page, we hope that you are considering a move to a new type of law firm. Everyman Legal welcomes applications from experienced, well connected lawyers at all stages of their careers.

Our business model is highly flexible and adaptable, and therefore can accommodate solicitors at various stages of their careers. In particular, we expect our firm will appeal to:

  • Solicitors in their mid-30’s with the ambition to grow their practice;
  • Mid-career solicitors who feel constrained by the traditional law firm where equity partnership based on long hours of work is the key financial reward;
  • Older solicitors for whom work-life balance is also important but who want to continue an active working life on his or her own terms; and
  • Mid-career corporate solicitors looking to build a team.

By eliminating the need for costly city centre offices, we’ve created a new way to practise law through a combination of office-based lawyers and a network of home-based solicitors who have the responsibility, and rewards, of running their own law practice with the support of Everyman Legal.

We do not currently have any vacancies. However, we always welcome speculative applications so please send an email and covering letter to

Trainee Solicitors and Paralegals

Everyman Legal offer great career opportunities to Trainee Solicitors and Paralegals who want to work in corporate & real estate law.

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Support Team

Everyman Legal are a law firm based in Witney, Oxford. Everyman Legal offer excellent careers to their legal support teams.

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